Liberals Are From Mars And Conservative From Venus Essay

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Violeta Bermudez
Senior Capstone
Dr. Clemons

Predisposed, or disposed?

Liberals are from Mars and conservative from Venus. The main theme of Predisposed: Liberals, Conservatives, and the Biology of Political Differences is to present the reader with how neither is better than the other, but different. The book focuses on the analysis on how biology determines our political views and inclinations. Approaches difference between liberals and conservatives from a physiological perspective.

Human beings on either side of the political spectrum look forward for the validation of our own opinions and the vilification of the other side’s opinion. Throughout the book, the authors aim to demonstrate how people experience and interprets the political world differently.

Many aspects of Predisposed’s thought resonates powerfully among political scientists and psychologists because of the theme of the book. The psychological approach widely and explicitly builds on the author’s concept of defining our political views in terms of biology, while providing a structural and researched explanation for our predisposition in the way we think. The book offers a brilliant summary of how genes and the environment have knowingly shaped the way that we view the world.

John R. Hibbings, Kevin B. Smith and Jon R. Alford are the authors of Predisposed. As biopoliticians, they provide evidence of people’s view and how it differs based on biology. In all respects, their research suggests that…

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