Liberalism And Political Beliefs

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The political ideology I identify the most with is liberalism. Liberalism is basically equality for all, no matter race, gender, class, sexual orientation, or religion. Liberalism typically wants more federal government involvement in social issues and economic issues. My main focus on liberalism is social issues.
Coming from a family that is in touch with their faith, while at the same time does not go to church often; my parents are liberal themselves. Both of my parents have been discriminated against for either their ethnicity or gender, which is why they identify as liberal. They want rights, not only for themselves but for their kids too. My dad takes time to read multiple articles about social and economic issues in the world
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Social media has definitely influenced my political beliefs. Twitter and Tumblr really started me being more involved with social issues and being more dedicated to educating myself on those social issues. The more and more I was on twitter, the more I learned about feminism and about all of the injustices happening not only in the U.S. but in other countries too. Twitter, Tumblr, and my father combined really pushed me to research on political issues. Aside from that a lot of my beliefs come from personal experiences and experiences from friends and …show more content…
My mother had worked at subway for over 9 years. She was the supervisor of 9 different Subway 's and while working there she would have to open and close stores almost daily because people called in, she would get calls in the middle of the night of people calling in, she would have to run from store to store all around town to fix computers or to even fill in for managers who never showed up. While she was doing all of this and much more, she was only getting paid $12 an hour. Another supervisor from a differently owned store who was a male was getting paid $15 an hour. It seems like it 's not that much, only a $3 difference, but when you add it up the gap is huge. It 's especially a big deal when you look at the circumstances that we were living. At the time my dad was working full time but going to school part time, we 're in debt now because of the school loans. At some point, my dad wasn 't working at all because he broke his foot. It was my mom who was working all day and all night to support us and she wasn 't even being paid the same amount a manager would have been paid. The argument that would be used against this is that there is an Equal Pay Act, but that act isn 't being enforced which is alarming considering that ‘Women make up nearly half of the U.S. labor force’ (“Understand the Basics” n.d.) In high school they show the average salary people will have based on their degree, it’s

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