Libby 's Last Stand Essay

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Libby 's Last Stand

“Why did you leave early today?” Libby asked her mother across the round oak table. It had taken all day to work up the courage to confront her at dinner, when her father would be there and could say something to make her mother see she was wrong.

The headaches that had plagued Libby for months had stopped suddenly a week ago, when she realized their source. It had been her mother 's turn to carpool, and Libby felt fine all day until she climbed into the Caprice and looked at her mother 's painted face. Pain tore at her head as the realization slammed her in the gut. Her mother was making her sick. This morning 's episode was yet another betrayal. Libby had to stop it.

“Eat your dinner,” her mother replied, cutting off a bite of sole with the edge of her fork.

“What does she mean, Sue, 'leave early '?” Marcus asked his wife, before shoveling a forkful of canned peas into his mouth.

“Nothing, I―”

“It was Mother-Daughter Day at school.” Libby 's words rushed out. “She was supposed to be there all morning. She came in for second period History and left right after. She was supposed to stay until after lunch.”

“I had to go somewhere,” Sue said, narrowing her eyes at Libby.

“Where?” Libby had tried to make the day go well. She even did her homework. Mrs. Price 's eyebrows shot up when she collected it. It was the first assignment Libby had turned in all year.

“Where did you have to go?” Marcus asked, pouring a third glass…

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