Levis Case Analysis

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Levi 's
During this time, industrialization was heading towards the American Northwest. Midwest farm regions and animal productions were increasing. Economy was growing and manly new markets were opening. People were also migrating to the west due to the California Gold Rush. This helped open Levi Straus & Co. that was found in 1853 in San Francisco by Levi Strauss. Levi Strauss opened wholesale stores and small general stores to sell clothes, boots, blankets, and handkerchiefs in the west side of America. In this picture, Levi 's used slice of life execution by using gold miners to represent how tough Levi 's jeans were during work.

During this time decade, people were migrating, trading, colonizing. The Gold rush was still
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This caused the biggest economic downfall in the American History. This decade was known as the Great Depression. However, even though people were too poor to enjoy buying things, a consumer economy developed where people enjoyed consumer products like radios, televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines. With these new businesses, Levi Strauss & Co. introduced their brand name on the denim and included a red tape on back pockets of the overalls to differentiate from competitors. This ad portrays a straight sell execution by sharing information about the red tape. This soft sell ad also displays many vivid colors compared to the previous Levi & Strauss …show more content…
People explored the grunge, rave and hip hop scene. Many people also used new-technology like cable television and the internet. The Western world fashion was highly individualistic with inspirations from the 1960s and 1970s. There were extreme sports becoming popular as well. With all these diversities, Levi 's is kept alive through vintage clothing that fits and had good quality of fabrics. This is a soft sell ad with a straight sell ad that relates for all consumers.

In this decade, the fashion was inspired from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s style. Some even saw revivals from 1980 fashion trends. In the 2000s, men and women were wearing similar fashion and highlighted their hair. There was also a great environmental concern in the 2000s. Levi 's suggested that their customers wash their pants less with as little water to protect the planet. This soft sell ad uses problem-solution execution by stating the problem of environmental problem and provides a solution to help the planet. The ad uses more realistic

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