Essay on Level 3 Childcare Unit1

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Unit 1. Understanding child and young person development.

1. Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19years.
The word development refers not to the physical growth of children and young people, but to the skills and knowledge that they are developing. When looking at child development it is divided into the following areas –

Physical Development Refers to learning how to master physical movement. Fine motor skills These involve the small muscles of the body used for hand –eye co-ordination, writing and grasping of small objects.

Gross motor skills These include the large muscles used for sitting, standing, crawling, and walking.
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They like to do things for themselves and show frustration when they are not able. This is sometimes known as the ‘terrible twos’. They start to notice other children. Pretend play is enjoyed and played over and over.

Physical Running and climbing.

Cognitive Playing with building blocks and doing simple matching puzzles.

Communication Has a vocabulary of around 200 words.

Social/emotional and behavioural Parallel play (playing next to but not with other children). Anger and frustration if they cannot have their own way.

3 years
At 3 years children are making huge developmental leaps. They can express their emotions with words instead of temper tantrums. They play more with other children and are happier at being separated from their parents and are ready to attend pre-school or nursery.

Physical Pedalling a tricycle or pushing it along with their feet. Waling upstairs on alternate feet.

Cognitive Pretend play in home corner. Interest in mark-making, painting and books.

Communication Speech that is understood.

Social/emotional and behavioural Play alongside other children and some cooperative play.

Moral No understanding of right from wrong, but can follow simple instructions.

4 years By 4 years of age most children will have mastered the spoken word. They enjoy playing with other children, and making friends.

Physical Are able to do activities

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