Davida Maxwell Case Study

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His first hysteria was occurred when he got bitten by snake at ages seventeen. Because of the attack he lost use of his legs for almost one year and he was send to asylum to get treated. When the use of his legs returned after 50 hours of hysteria attack, he forgot all of the physicians who had been treating him in asylum for the last month any of his fellow patients form asylum. His manner, morals, and appetite was changed as well. Following additional attacks, the next year, his character would change from impulsive and dangerous to calm and gentle. In 1884 he had another hysteria attack which change his character and loss his ability to walk, yet another attack after a few months later returned the use of his legs but left argumentized and returned his habit of stealing which he had done as a child to survive. …show more content…
In 1949 the Dissociative Identity disorder starting to become acknowledged in medical field as a rare disorder. In 1979 there was another DID case which make the subject more known by people. The murder case of Juanita Maxwell, Wanda Weston who was the alter of Maxwell killed 73 years old Inez Kelly with a lamp from her hotel room. However, Maxwell has no memory of beating Kelly with a lamp, but during the trial Wanda convicted the crime and according to her she killed Kelly because she refused to give her back a pen which she borrowed from Wanda. After Maxwell's alter was coaxed out during her trial, the judge ruled that she was not guilty due to insanity. Maxwell was committed to a mental

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