Fred Maxwell And The Ocoee Massacre

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After leaving July Perrys house Mose Normand there is only a few accounts of anyone seeing him and one of which comes from Fred Maxwell, who was thirteen at the time of the massacre. According to Maxwell, Normand was good friends with his father and right after leaving July Perrys house Normand went straight to see Maxwells father. Allegedly Normand told the elder Maxwell that he spoke with judge Cheney and was informed that what the white men were doing was unconstitutional and he had a right to sue once he escaped town safely. Fred Maxwell stat that his father simple told Normand to leave town as fast as he could and start a new life, and according to Fred Maxwell that is exactly what Normand did, he went back into his convertible and drove straight to New York and began his new life . This report is the only one of its kind however, nobody else has ever come forth and reported seeing Mose Normand after leaving July Perrys house and most people are inclined to believe that he was killed alongside the other African Americans who perished during the Ocoee Massacre. …show more content…
Once most of the African Americans were driven out of Ocoee the day of the massacre only a few remained in the town. White townspeople quickly bullied them out of the town as well, acquiring their property after they fled. After Ocoee became all white most African American children living near the area were told by their parents to never go to the town because there were racist white men living there that would not take kindly to African American passing through. Fancina Boykin who lived in nearby Apopka recalls that years following the massacre whenever her family needed to pass through Ocoee, they purposely went around it instead, lest they risk facing any radical violence from its

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