Letter Roller Coaster Is My Biggest Nightmare When I Was Young

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Letter of Recommendation—Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster was my biggest nightmare when I was young. Unlike other kids, I begged for not going to those amusement parks and my parents were surprised. I was afraid of sitting in an accelerating car at that time, so roller coaster wasn’t even an acceptable concept for me. I couldn’t imagine myself getting tortured by that flying machine, and I couldn’t understand why so many people waited in a queue measured in hours for it. My mother used to incite me to “be like a normal kid” by suggesting how enjoyable and somehow relaxing the experience is up there. Yeah, it must be really enjoyable that I could hear people screaming before entering the park! So what is a roller coaster? I personally have different ideas in different times. At first I got frightened by the “chink-chink” sound of it, so I only observed it from a far distance. The track looked like a broken cobweb messing with itself, with a spider moving up and down in it. And then gradually I learned how a roller coaster worked. A roller coaster consists of a track that rises and falls as designed and one or multiple cars for people sitting inside and restrained. The cars usually fit about 6-30 people; one ride usually lasts within 3 minutes, with an 80 MPH average speed. The cars are usually not self-powered; they are either pulled up a hill and released to gain potential energy (then transfer to kinetic energy), or set in motion by a…

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