Letter of Advice Essay

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Letter of Advice
Stephanie Skidmore
Com 200: Interpersonal Communication
Katie Decker
September 19, 2011

Dear Samantha and Billy,
Congratulations on deciding to get married. But before you make the big step let’s discuss a few things. Good communication is essential to a healthy marriage, I will be giving you advice on how to effectively use interpersonal communication between one another. The information that I am providing you with please keep it and utilize it throughout your marriage.
Effective interpersonal interactions are essential in life. Interpersonal interactions influence everything including your happiness of your friends and family. The process of building a relationship with someone is not always smooth and
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With emotional intelligence, a person can understand the other and can perceive one emotions and feeling in an instant. One would have to know what to say and what to do which would bring up the morale of the other person and not make one disappointed or sad. (Maria IIyas, 2011)
If people in relationships don’t have emotional intelligence; their relationship wouldn’t understand one another and the relationship would have to been over as fast as that relationship started.
Taking risks is the only way we can learn and feel and grow and have meaningful relationships. When people self-disclose to us, we may feel special or privileged because the other person opened up to us, and we often respond by sharing more information about ourselves. (Sole, K., 2011, Section 7.5)
Decisions about self-disclosure are often based on how well you know the other person, your predictions about how he or she will react to the information, your judgment about why he or she needs to know the information, and your assumptions about what he or she will do with the knowledge. (Sole, K., 2011, Section 7.5)
In 1973, social psychologists Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor proposed a theory of self- disclosure called social penetration theory. In this theory, Altman and Taylor compared the disclosure process

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