Melinda Sordino's Five Stages Of Grief

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Speak essay

Speak is a story that follows a high school Freshman, named Melinda Sordino, as she goes through the five stages of grief. The reason she goes through the five stages of grief, is because she was raped at the beginning of her 9th grade year at a high school party. She was bullied for calling the cops on the guy who raped her at this party. Even though, the people didn't understand why she called them. Though she was harassed at school, her problems at home were just as bad. Her parents were distant and neglectful, constantly fighting, and she ultimately lost trust in her parents, when, the night the incident occurred, they both were missing until morning. Many people have problems at home. But for people who have depression, problems at home can cause their condition to worsen.

As you read this book it will become apparent that Melinda’s parents have marital issues. They constantly fighting, it starts with her parents trying to make Melinda bring her grades up, but then start yelling at each other (page 36). Though this may not seem like much to those who are in Melinda’s shoes it a lot. A child's parents who are constantly fighting will make the child be evasive to confrontation and submissive when caught in it. She doesn't
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It's a way of asking for help without saying anything. In this instance Melinda's mother sees it next morning at breakfast and says “I don’t have time for this, Melinda” (page 88). This is a great example of parental neglection, though it's only a small cut the mother knows what it means, but she doesn't address the problem she just says “I don't have time for this”. If there wasn't neglection, the mother would talk to Melinda, try to figure out the cause, or even at least ask if something is wrong when she clearly sees that there

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