Flowers In A Midsummer Night Dream Analysis

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In the beginnings of this semester’s readings I find that Shakespeare enjoys writing about love and romance. Shakespeare does not shy away from powerful metaphors and comparisons. We find a constant theme of love represented in many types of ways. The first metaphor I initially picked up on was his varietal use of flowers, and him relating those flowers back to the romance of the story and each one of them has a distinct aspect that is metaphorically different in meaning. He uses different types of flowers to describe different things, people, and actions. Flowers are represented as beauty, as romantic, and love, the beautiful innocence of it, and brutish nature it may bring out in people. We see remerging themes of flowers and the symbolism behind …show more content…
So for the duke to describe picking a woman such that like a rose, once you have picked her, she is made beautiful into something bigger than herself. Which would be the love, the wine of love or the perfume of lust. The Duke would also be using the beauty of the flower to describe Hermia. When Lysander speaks with Hermia and she is pale, he even describes her distressed look as lacking roses, iterating that her beauty reminds him of roses. Roses are a beautiful flower, describing Hermia, as she is admired by both Lysander and Demetrius at the beginning of MND. Shakespeare hints towards a correlation of beauty presented within flowers, by doing so he also creates a romantic aspect using flowers. When beauty was mentioned, romanticism and love were not

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