Letter : Hello Back ! Essay

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Hello back!
It was very emotional for me to read your response email, it made me think. I love what you wrote about having a voice, it really resigned with me, I felt understood. I like to write, but sometimes I feel as if I am not able to express exactly what I mean, and how I feel, I really liked the way you put it. I met you in a pretty dark moment of my life, and I feel so distant from the person I was just months ago, a lot of things have changed and many are the same. I still love to wake up and admire the gorgeus sunrises that California offers, I still crave adventures, and find great value in the connection between people.

You have to know that at the end of June my roommate and close friend from treatment died from an overdose. She was just discharged the previous week from LV and she seemed to be doing well when that happened. Her name was Jessica, she was twenty seven, she had a huge smile, and we both shared the same passion for the human anatomy and dreamed of going to Med school together after earning our B.S.. I really looked up to her. When she died it hit me really hard. I was upset, at her, at myself, at the world. I mean if she didn’t make it, could I? And the world just keeps on going like if nothing had happened. This event made me stop and re-evaluate many things. It made me feel as if I had to work even more on my recovery, because I value life so much, and this life is way to short for letting the eating disorder take over my life. I am healthy,…

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