Letter : Adler University Admissions Committee Essay

776 Words Nov 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Dear Adler University Admissions Committee,
I feel honored to be applying as an applicant for Adler University’s Psy.D. program. As a 2016 Adler alumni, I can resonate the positive impact that Adler University has made in my personal and professional life. As I apply for the Psy.D. program, I can’t help but remember being an undergraduate student applying for the master’s degree. Though I have always seen myself as a psychologist, I felt that having a master’s degree and practicing, as a counsellor would help me learn about psychology and allow me to gain experience working with clients before committing to the journey of being a clinical psychologist. Now, two and a half years later, I am further passionate about earning a Psy.D. from Adler University. I have over five years’ experience working with clients in the counselling field. My clinical experiences have shaped my perspectives on working with clients. From working at a crisis line to victim services to previous practicums with families and my current position working within private practice alongside family doctors. It has all helped me developed my experience working collaboratively with victims of crime, youth, families, police officers, schools and doctors. I truly believe that working with people and learning about mental health is a rewarding and fulfilling role. Having developed some experiences with clients, I have found that I am passionate about working with families dealing with mental health…

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