Leonardo Da Vinci: The Greatest Of The Renaissance Period

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Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest of the Renaissance period. Some may say that he was the epitome of the renaissance. He was famous for being a painter, architect, musician, inventor, sculptor and scientist. Leonardo Da Vinci was mostly known for his paintings and inventions back in the renaissance era and is still very much famous today from the paintings of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper.
Some may also say that Leonardo was a revolutionary of his time. Many people say that because of all of his accomplishments and inventions he has under his belt. Leonardo invented so many things that changed the world we live in today. From his sketches of a tank to his sketches of the helicopter, those sketches alone changed how the military
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He was the son of a peasant girl named Caterina and a Florentine notary named Ser Piero. Leonardo had twelve half-siblings that were much younger than he was. Leonardo’s father remarried about 3 other times after being with his mother.
At age of 14, Leonardo began an apprenticeship with artist Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence. While there, he began to learn carpentry, metalworking, sculpting, leather arts, drawing, painting. There were many other famous painters that attended Andrea del Verrocchio such as Domenico Ghirlandaio, Perugino, Botticelli, and Lorenzo di Credi. In 1473, Leonardo Da Vinci displayed his first sketch of the Arno Valley.
At the age of 20, Da Vinci was given the opportunity for a membership as a master artist in Florence’s Guild of Saint Luke. Leonardo then began to go on to paint may other things such as “Baptism of Christ”. Soon after, Leonardo Da Vinci and 4 other men was charged with sodomy which could have led him to exile. For the next few years, no one was able to find Leonardo da
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Over the years, the painting had to be repaired very frequently due to the Last Supper being painted on dry wall. After sixty years of being on the wall, the painting was beginning to be unrecognizable. A complete restoration that took twenty years to complete was done to replace the original painting because the painting was pretty much destroyed after all of the attempts to restore the painting. The painting is still something that people recommend you go see because of the history of the famous

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