Legarization of Marijuana Essay examples

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Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization
Uruguayan government must be the most daring in the world. According to Mic (2014), they proved this as late as they legalized the use of marijuana. There have been divergent opinions on whether to legalize weed or not. And with Uruguay providing the laboratory for scientific prove, it sounds an alert to other nation on pressure to appreciate and embrace the legalization of weed. Against many false dogmas surrounding the use of the ‘drug’, there exist countless benefits from its legalization. This writing elaborates why nations should follow the trend and legalize marijuana.
Firstly, the illegality of marijuana is based on unproven theories and delusions. Use of the modern
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It wastes time for judges and attorneys away from crimes of violence, the sexual abuse, and terrorism cases. Taxation of bhang shall be of income benefits to the governments especially the third world countries (Mic, 2014).
Thirdly, use of bhang is not as harmful as some other drugs. People have collective concerns about the use marijuana. But so are there many about tobacco or alcohol. Science has proven that marijuana use is not toxic to the human body. According to McDonough & Remington (2012), an overdose of bhang is almost impossible. Marijuana is not more addictive as alcohol and tobacco that are legal worldwide. And more cases of drug dependency on other drugs are more common away from the use of bhang. Moderate use of marijuana seems to pose no risk to healthy adults. On any level of its impact on society and health effects lies heavily on legalization. That lives the balance for every nation to weigh whether legalization is recreational or medicinal. But the fact remains, it is not fair nor just to subject marijuana users to harsh treatment of law than users of alcohol or tobacco. However, like any other drug is harmful to children’s development, there should be a scientific establishment of required age limit (Alternet, 2007).
In conclusion, the benefits of legalizing marijuana outweigh pros. Any other government should refocus on its principles and understand why they should follow Uruguayan example. Many

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