Legalize Gay Marriage Essay

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Homosexuality is found everywhere. You see on television, books, even in your own city. It is rapidly becoming a social norm. As time goes by, it is becoming part of our everyday lives, even though there are many people that oppose it. Americans should take the time to understand the importance of making gay marriage legal in California. Legalizing gay marriage doesn’t threaten the honor of “traditional” marriage, it promotes equality and prevents discrimination, and it helps unite couples legally and not just religiously.
Same-sex marriage doesn’t threaten the honor of “traditional” marriage. When same-sex parents get married, they will probably want to raise a family, which doesn’t threaten “traditional” marriage at all. For years,
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They should be treated equally and it shouldn’t be up to the government to decide how marriage is allowed. Approving gay marriage also helps unite couples legally and not just religiously. This means that same-sex couples don’t just get married at a local church, but also get legal, government documents that state that the couple is married, which in turn could give the gay couple the chance to be able to adopt children. In the state of California, married couples are not allowed to adopt children, unless they have a legal document that states that they are married. I support this because it not only gives the gay couple a family of their own, but it gives children at adoption shelters a home. People oppose this idea because they believe that the children will be made fun of at school (or any other place) simply because they have same-sex parents. Alternatively, studies show that children are not harmed in any way by being raised in a gay family. Americans’ thoughts on gay marriage would change if they took the time to comprehend the importance of legalizing gay marriage. First of all, gay marriage doesn’t in any way damage “traditional” marriage. Second, it helps encourage an equal opportunity to same-sex couples. Third, it helps gay couples get legal documents to help them with certain tasks. The Bill of Rights states that as citizens of the United States of America, we have the right of freedom of speech and

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