Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana in the United States

Marijuana, Mary Jane, reefer, pot, weed, cannabis whatever term you use marijuana is a hot topic in the United States. We have seen numerous movements to implement marijuana reform policy in the U.S. “With 25 states and Washington D.C. having laws legalizing marijuana in some form” (State Marijuana Laws in 2016 Map). Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, and Washington D.C. have laws allowing recreational use of cannabis. Most Recently Pennsylvania passed legislation allowing marijuana to be used medically (State Marijuana Laws in 2016 Map). With now over fifty percent of the United States having legal cannabis in some form people have been asking “Is legal marijuana a good or a bad thing?”.
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I believe that the benefits much outweigh the negatives of legalization. One positive would be the boost in economy, legalization of marijuana would create thousands upon thousands of jobs in the U.S. not to mention the amount of tax revenue that would be earned on selling legal marijuana. Another positive would be that with legal marijuana drug trafficking would decrease due to the lack of demand for marijuana on the streets. Also, legalizing marijuana would free space in our prisons and allow for faster due process because the courts wouldn’t be backed up with numerous marijuana charges waiting to be heard. Not only would legalization promote economic growth because of the cannabis itself, but it would also show economic growth in the hemp industry allowing hemp products such as paper, rope, clothing, and many more. I also believe legalization would decrease the amount of kids and teens using it, because with it being legal there isn’t as much excitement for teens to use the drug since they do not have to be rebellious to use the drug since it would accessible legally. This would lower the stigma that smoking weed is cool and promote only the positives of marijuana. Along with positives of recreational legalization you cannot deny that marijuana has definite medical benefits, that has been shown over the last 15 years of medical marijuana being slowly implemented into the norm of the United

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