Legality Of Marijuana Consumption And Possession Essay

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Legality of Marijuana Consumption and Possession
Dear Honourable Anne McLellan and Dr. Mark Ware, The subject of marijuana and the use is important, sensitive, and complex. Under the consideration by a Parliamentary or Senate committee, the government should study the legality of marijuana consumption and possession before passing it. Before getting into detail about what the government should do about the legality of marijuana and possession, a brief overview of marijuana, also formally called “cannabis”, is a plant that is found throughout the world but its origins in Asia. Is has been used for millennia for is psychoactive effects euphoria (“the high”), relaxation, a sense of good beings, and intensification of ordinary sensory experiences. Additionally, it has been historically used for medical and social purposes. Cannabis contains hundreds of chemical substances known as “cannabinoids”. Cannabinoids are a class of chemical compounds that act on receptors in cells in the brain and body and the most well-studied cannabinoid is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Research says that marijuana is the world’s most used illicit psychoactive substance and a UNICEF report published in 2013 ranked Canada highest amongst all nations in terms of rates of marijuana use among youth. In today’s society, tobacco and alcohol use are more socially accepted. However, marijuana was just introduced recently in society. When considering the best way to minimize harms associated with marijuana…

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