Legal, Forensic And Experimental Psychology Essay

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Module Report: Legal, Forensic and Experimental Psychology
Legal and Forensic Psychology Legal psychology is an amalgamation of the study of human behavior, and the legal rules that govern all in society, allowing those within to exist together on equal terms (Kuther & Morgan, 2012, p. 52). Forensic psychology is a sub-section of psychology subject unlike criminal profiling in that it deals with mental health aspects of a perpetrator rather than a technique investigators used to narrow the scope of the characteristics of a potential perpetrator. Forensic psychologists are usually trained in clinical psychology, and to work within the legal framework of law enforcement. They are often found in jails, prisons, secure forensic units, court or community services, private practice and other specialized agencies (Kuther & Morgan, 2012, p. 52). As with most other psychology fields, researchers and educators usually hold doctorates, and master degrees are encouraged to be appropriate for a wider range of opportunities. With a bachelor’s degree, positions within law enforcement/justice including police/probation/parole/correctional officers and juvenile detention workers that deal with the criminal element of human nature, and those who break the law. While police officers are able to have some up or outward mobility in terms of career progression, have various roles and responsibilities, and are not confined to one setting, the other positions are fixed in certain ways, in…

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