Legal Essay: The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

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Have you ever heard of someone dying or overdosing from marijuana? No, because no one has ever died or overdosed from marijuana. When it comes to smoking cigarettes and tobacco, more than 480,000 deaths occur per year and; around 88,000 deaths per year due to alcohol. Yet cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol are legal and marijuana is not (Smoking & Tobacco Use). I support the legalization of marijuana for several reasons. Marijuana is not harmful; it does not cause cancer and does not lead to death (Marijuana Use and Health Effects). Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states including, the District of Columbia. Non-medical marijuana and medical marijuana are also legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington State. From the article “The Benefits of Medical Cannabis “Dr. Frankel who has done surveys and studies came to recognize that 85-95% of people are in favor of medical cannabis being legal and; 58-59% of people are in favor of total legalization of cannabis” (Dr. Mercola). Dr. Frankel has worked with patients …show more content…
Marijuana makes people feel merry, relaxed, and introspective (Khamsi). The argument of whether we use marijuana should be up to American citizens not the government. The fact is people die every day due to other drugs, but never died from marijuana. Although it’s illegal in some states it’s still really easy to get your hands on, so whether it’s banned or not people can always get marijuana. It’s even said that “even if cannabis to some extent is a gateway drug, it should be legalized to protect the gateway issue, because legalization opens up communication” (Dr. Mercola). I agree with that quote. We hear on the news about fights and shootings over marijuana and also people being busted with marijuana. If marijuana was legal crimes would go down. With that being said the people who are in possession of it wouldn’t get in trouble (Dr. Mercola). If marijuana was legal I believe violence rates would

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