Legal Article Review Essay

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* Article or Case Law Search
Resource: Article or Case Law Search Grading Criteria
Find an article or a current legal case involving one of the following: * A critical regulatory issue in health care * A critical regulatory issue specific to institutional health care
Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of the article or legal case and prepare to present how the issue in the article or legal case relates to the nature, sources, and functions of the law.

Health Care Issues Brief- Acute Care (1997-2012). Retrieved from Changes Impacting Speech-Language Pathology Practice In An Acute Care Medical Setting
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* Consumers expect measurable benefits for their health care dollar. * Patients are voicing their wishes and choices regarding health care options.
6. Expanded Facilities for Care of Patients
Efforts to control health care costs have resulted in expansive development of alternative health care models, including hospice, home health care, subacute rehabilitation centers, telepractice, etc. Acute care hospitalization has long been recognized as the most costly health care option. National health care reforms include efforts to reduce acute hospitalization and, once admitted, to shorten patients' lengths of stay.
7. Emphasis on Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)*
Patients, payers, and other medical professionals are more frequently questioning the research supporting various interventions. SLPs, like other professionals, must ensure the provision of services supported by the best available evidence and be aware of the principles of EBP.
Impact on Speech-Language Pathologists
The multiple changes noted above have led to complex effects on how speech-language pathologists carry out their job duties. Among these effects, the only constant has been a state of flux, with clinicians forced to rethink their goals and objectives on an ongoing basis. The effect on speech-language pathologists includes: shifts in

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