Lecture Reflection

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The lecture on this week was the most wonderful and amazing session as we got an awesome opportunity to meet with Professor Daniel Muijs, the director of research within Southampton Education School at the University of Southampton. I felt very lucky and proud to join the Professor Daniel’s lecture. In the same time, it also provided us a good opportunity to learn and share opinions about the research together with the PHD students in his lecture.
Before the third session class started, we are required to read and summarize an article which related to the professional learning community (PLC) and share the key ideas with other group members. During the preparation time, we faced some difficulties and struggled in gather the key ideas about
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We must always avoid to create the questions contained confusion and out of the context. In the same time, I learnt we should not forget to prepare the sub-research questions when conducting our research. Sub-research questions is important in creating a deeper platform for us as the researcher to know what or where the research was clearly heading to and be used as a guideline to create a question for respondents. During the sharing section with the Professor Daniel, we are asked to post our comments and questions related to research through the online chat room in the spectrum platform. I found this sharing section was very meaningful for us to solve our problems and doubts by getting the professional advices and solutions from Professor Daniel. From the sharing section, I learnt the effective way on how to determine the dependent and independent variables, how to design the ratio scale, the usage of likert scale, the interval data, the ordinal data, the normality data and the procedures for sampling size for the research. After the sharing section, I was able to understand and clear about it deeper and indirectly it would help me a lot when conducted my …show more content…
We are asked to share our opinions and discuss the problems faced by us with Professor Daniel. Along with that, I got the important messages regarding a good research must be researchable where it able to apply in past with the current issue and it must be interesting so that the readers does not get bored. I noticed the problems in the research must be explained and an appropriate research design must be chosen. Reliability and validity of the research also is very important so that the findings can be accurate and the limitation of research must be stated. Besides, I also learnt to differential the conceptual framework which is an analytical tool with several variations and contexts used to make conceptual distinctions and organize ideas while for the theoretical framework which is the structure that can hold or support a theory of a research study. In my opinion, the conceptual framework is the operationalization of the theory while theoretical framework is the theory of the study is based. Conceptual framework is like an adaptation of a model used in a previous study, with alteration to suit the inquiry. The researcher also able to show the relationships of the different constructs that he or she wants to investigate through conceptual

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