Lebanon Peer: SWOT Analysis Of Kassatly Chtaeer

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SWOT analysis Beirut peer
Strength: Beirut beer is found in country where drinking beer is considered as a traditional drink that is consumed in many occasions within the Lebanese generations. A large market share for Beirut beer has been boosted from the successful marketing by using billboards and TV commercials. Beirut beer is a brand from Kassatly Chtaura which have decades of experience and a great understanding for the consumers thinking, what helps Kassatly Chtaura in having a strong communication with their customers. Also, quality has been a priority in the products of Kassatly Chtaura especially with Beirut beer that is produced with standards that exceed all exceptions as the factory that is built in Chtaura with a German expertise.
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To meet the target market and as I state before, I must invest on the marketing plan a lot. Also I must work on gaining the competitive advantage to get the power to compete with the local suppliers. Also I must focus on the pricing strategy and the promotion strategy the 4 Ps. According to the promotion strategy I already talk about previously. According to the pricing strategy, the price that I will put for the beer box 500 ml is €36 which means €1.5 for bottle, since the average of the bottle of beer is between €2 and €2.5. That means that I will sell the product less than the competitors by €0.5 to €1.
To sell the product for this price €36 per box I absolutely have made my budget. The price of the box in Lebanon is 30,000 LBP which is equal to 20 USD which is equal to €18.18. The cost shipping and taxes per box will be equal €2.5 per box. So the total cost of the box while entering Cyprus is €20.68. After entered Cyprus there is some additional costs, these costs are: the cost of transportation from the bay to the warehouse and then from the warehouse to my customers. This cost €1.5 per box. The box will cost €22.18. The profit that I will return from each box sold is €13.82. The margin of profit per box is 38.39 per box which is very

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