Learning Through Discovery, Carrying Out Investigations Essay

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Problem based learning, learning through discovery, carrying out investigations; heuristive learning, inductive learning and reasoning…there are many different ways to describe learning through inquiry. Over the past one hundred years education has evolved and the term and implementation of inquiry grew to find its definition and importance of science education.
All the way back to the early 1900s when their goals were to teach science on the basis of application to the major activities of everyday living. (Deboer pg. 65) When science was competing for a spot in the education world equal to literature and math. From 1893-1920, science, involving reasoning inductively shifted to focusing more on the accomplished individual and how science education needs to prepare individuals for the real world. In 1920 the revisionist decided that there needed to be some changes, to me, this is where the major seed of inquiry -based instruction was planted. The five goals of science education were developed and with the fourth goal stating that the students were to develop the abilities to: observe, to make careful measurements of phenomena, to classify observations and to reason clearly. Does this not sound like a connection to the engineering and science practices? This statement is directly pulled from the K-12 Framework, Science and engineering practices:
Seeing science as a
set of practices shows that theory development, reasoning, and testing are components of a larger ensemble…

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