Learning Styles And The Classroom Essay

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As a teacher, your students should always respect you. If you become too open with the students, then they might just stop taking you seriously and won’t listen to you when needed. Teachers hold a power when they conduct a class, and that power should remain till the end of the year if you want your students to learn better.
Following week after the general discussions over the reading assignments in the classroom, we had an assignment that was related to reading an article from home that was assigned to us and then later on discussing it with your group and presenting in front of the classroom. I have noticed that reading on your own and then discussing it with your peers brings a mass amount of difference towards the understand of that content. For my article, I was assigned to read, “Learning Styles.” I really enjoyed working on this article because I am all in favor of having different strategies when it comes to learning since we have an understanding of each child being different. The article stated the following learning styles, “visual learning, solitary learning, social learning, logical learning, kinesthetic learning, verbal learning, and auditory learning.” The article lays out 7 different methods of learning styles giving students a chance to express themselves according to which learning style works best for them. Having different types of learning style also gives teachers a hope that a student will not give up o n learning just because they are not visual…

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