Essay Learning English Morphology for Efl Learners

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Generally, we can mention that EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners are those who learn English tend to achieve the particular purpose. For example, they can use English when travelling or to communicate with other people from whatever country, who also speak English. We can classify the students of English department into EFL learners, too. So, they need to be able to speak English well. One of the foremost aspect in speaking English is we have to understand about morphology, so that we can speak English easily. That’s why we need to learn English morpholgy as an EFL learners.
This essaytries to explain about how to learn English morphology, especially for EFL learners. Before we
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Another example is, we can form a noun happiness from the adjective happy. The word happiness is formed by adding an ending, -ness, to happy. This process is referred as derivational morphology because it derives a new word from the old one. Derivational process typically applies to nouns, verbs and adjectives, thus allowing us to change the category of the word.
After we know about the purpose of learning English morphology, we as EFL learners have to know and do the basic insructions or steps that must be followed to learn morphology easily. (Laura Payne, 2011. Page : 1)
The first, we should know what a morpheme is. A morpheme is the smallest meaningful unit in a language. Although we thought that word is the basic meaningful element of a language, but it can be broken down into smaller units that we called morpheme. So, morpheme is the smallest one.
The second, we should understandhow individual morphemes carry meaning. For example, in word nationalization, nation (function as main morpheme/root); -al (function as a morpheme that changes the word to an adjective); -iz (function as a morpheme that changes the word to a verb); -ation (function as a morpheme that changes the word to a noun).
The third, we should know the different types of morphemes. It can be free or bound morpheme. A free morpheme is the morpheme that can stand alone as a word (e.g. nation). On the contrary, a bound morpheme is a morpheme that can not stand alone as a word and must be

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