Learning Disability And Its Impact On Personal Perceptions And Thought Processes

882 Words Nov 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Over the course of the semester several situations have occurred in class that have made both a recognizable and lasting impact on personal perceptions and thought processes as they relate to education and life in general. The exercises performed and the readings assigned in class have been an integral part of this eye-opening experience. Additionally, this course has helped to reinforce some personal attitudes and opinions directed towards both primary and secondary education and beyond. More specifically, this course has helped in allowing one to experience an educational setting from multiple perspectives which have proven to be much different than had been previously anticipated. These different perspectives have been most beneficial, as it is only when one leaves their comfort zone that they can truly grow as an individual.
During this semester, students had an opportunity to experience what it would be like to have a learning disability. An online program allowed each student to select a trouble area such as reading or math. Within each trouble area students were able to choose a specific type of disability or cognitive impairment. Once this was selected, the online program offered an exercise that sampled as just a small taste of how difficult it might be to learn with the selected disability. It is one thing to talk about disabilities and read about them in a text book. However, it is a completely different experience to try and simulate what someone else…

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