Essay on Learning And Speak Through Writing

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Learning to Speak Through Writing
Introversion is a state of self-concern, the distrust of one’s outside world and resultant fear of its expedition. To prove unable to speak when it is expected of you, for reasons either hesitant or uncertain, is to realize how voiceless you truly are. And it is the goal of this generalized introvert to acquire that voice, to speak freely alongside their peers, and become normal in the eyes of their perceived society. For me and in my pursuit of voice and normalcy, writing—more specifically, exploratory novelization—was the means to a significant end.
There was a time when my world consisted exclusively of external stimuli, that is the conversations and interactions of the people surrounding, and internal monologues, my silent responses to questions I was asked. People around me engaged in small talk nigh consistently, laughed at each other’s jokes, and occasionally I would laugh with them, too, but there was always a degree of separation between us. Whereas they knew all the right things to say when they needed to be said, I floundered with conversation, recoiling into my shell whenever the spotlight was turned my way. Perhaps at that time I was more socially awkward than I was introverted, but one must understand that such failures in a child’s formative years inevitably lead to a habit of some sort; in my case, past awkwardness led to social indifference. But this is not to demonize conversation or what is considered normal. Rather, I…

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