Lean Six Sigma Is Really A Business Improvement Strategy Essay

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Lean Six Sigma is really a business improvement strategy. And let 's face it; most companies are doing business improvement in one form or another. Where they often fall short is in one of the most important aspects of success - business improvement project identification.

What I 've found over the past decade is that the vast majority of companies have similar approaches to business improvement. To understand what I mean take a look at this example.

The following is a list of business improvement projects for a medium sized clothing business.


- Expand the warehouse and implement a bar coding system

- Renegotiate 'per unit ' supply rates from the suppliers of blank shirts

- Implement a 'cascading ' based system of performance management

- Negotiate a new freight contract

- Introduce the PASS safety system across all warehouses

- Replace key access with proximity card system

- Distribute a quarterly company newsletter

- Individually cling wrap dress shirts

- Negotiate a corporate alliance with the Zenith Hotel chain

What do you make of that list?

Notice it 's simply a list of solutions. Each idea is a way of solving some perceived problem. For example renegotiation of unit supply rates is a solution for the problem of increasing costs to produce a unit of whatever it is they manufacture.

In the absence of an improvement strategy like Lean Six Sigma, this tends to be the way business improvement is approached.

Ideas for…

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