Leadership in Health Care Essay examples

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Leadership in health care
Cynthia Leonard, RN, BSN
February 5, 2012
Marie Holley, NP, RN, PhD

Leadership in health care Leadership is a unique position and can be seen as the capability to motivate and encourage confidence and support among followers. A competent leader possesses many abilities. A central ability that a leader possesses is influencing others. Leaders guide, directs, teaches, and motivates people to accomplish goals. Leadership is essential for nursing as a profession. Leaders set goals for the future and set the pace for achieving the goals. Leadership is a “…process of influencing others to understand and agree about what needs to be done and how to do it, and the process of facilitating individual
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Adaptations to Leadership As a leader one must adapt his or her leadership style in accordance to the experience of the nurses under his or her authority. A leader needs to adapt his or her leadership style to match the situation and match the demands of the organization. Leadership effectiveness “…is based on the ability to adapt in a complex and chaotic environment” (Huber, 2006, p. 23). The continual changes in health care is in alignment with the transformational leadership style, which support adaptation to change that allows leaders to identify areas in need of change and directs change by influencing staff and generates a sense of commitment and ownership. Applying the theory of a transformational leadership will provide leaders with confidence and gives him or her ability to adapt to changes. Many hospitals are Magnet hospital or trying to become Magnet hospital. Transformational leadership is a component of Magnet, which is particularly appropriate for today’s changing health care. In the interview the leader acknowledges the fact of the ever-changing environment of health care, which includes the diversity within the workforce. The leader recognizes that her leadership style has evolved with time because of the many changes in health care. This leader believes that a leader uses more than one style based on the

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