Reflective Essay: How To Be A Good Servant Leader

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A lot of people believe great leaders should be charismatic, have or be a commanding presence, usually are visionaries, and believe to be educated at elite schools. Nearly all of the leaders of the extraordinary-performing corporation's tent to lack those traits. They are people-centric, valued service to others, and alleged they had a duty of stewardship. Nearly all were humble and very passionate operators who were intensely involved in the specifics of the business. Most of the people had long proprietorship in their organizations. A servant leader believed that each employee should be treated with respect, and have the opportunity to do meaningful work and advance. Servant leader led by example, lived the “Golden Rule: do not do to others what you do not to be done to you”. Many …show more content…
I going to have to lead with a Servant's Heart, be humble and respectful to everyone at all times. Listen to understand, not to respond what they want me to respond, instead make sure they understand what is need it to accomplish a task. I will need to teach them, inspire them, also to support them to reach their best potential. If the work is not done properly I and the team should be responsible for the outcome of the task at hand. I believe in the potential of our partners or associate team, and encourage them to achieve their personal best. All of us are partners, mentors, teachers, and guides. All of us will challenge each other to be better and celebrate each

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