Essay on Leadership : The Marine Corps Leadership

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The Marine Corps leadership sets itself apart from the other services. Marines have a common core of beliefs instilled while at recruit training. Leadership understands the most precious asset is the individual Marine. Leaders have a responsibility to motivate and inspire Marines. The speed and tempo of the ever-changing world, and Corps, has caused certain aspects of styles of leadership to change and has resulted in a split in ideology. The type of leadership utilized today has fragmented between the authoritative approach and a newer, hybrid style which is a blend of strategic and independent thinking which values open communication and drive from Marines. The archaic authoritative leadership that succeeded ten years ago is now ineffective and will stunt the growth of the newest generation of Marines.
The ability for young Marines to critically think and lead has been hindered by the “my way or the highway” attitude. “Improvise, adapt, and overcome” is a common phrase firmly implanted into the minds of Marines. The emphasis of control and instant obedience to orders with no questions asked is a common fallback for leaders that don’t have alternatives.
Closeminded and dangerous, this mindset of the authoritative leader diminishes the potential and progression of young Marines. This promotes abrasiveness and makes leadership appear unapproachable resulting in an adverse effect on small unit leadership. Further, this type of attitude has a fatal effect on respect and…

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