Leadership : The First Chapter Of Leadership Essay

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The first chapter of Leadership focuses on the understanding of various leadership roles and descriptions of what each job entails. These roles help to explain the different parts of leadership and give descriptions of what a leader in that category would do. There are nine leadership roles: figurehead, spokesperson, negotiator, coach and motivator, team builder, team player, technical problem solver, entrepreneur, strategic planner, and executor. The figurehead is the main leader when it comes to ceremonial activities, while the spokesperson keeps the group informed of activities or decisions that have been made. A negotiator makes deals, or compromises with others resources in order to supply the group members with whatever is needed. The coach and motivator cheers on the team and recognizes improvement, always giving feedback and motivation to the others. Team builders recognize the potential of others and works to build the most effective team by looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each group member, and each team member works to the best of their ability to uphold the work ethic that the leader sets. Technical problem solvers contribute to the team by advising the others on how to solve their problems. The entrepreneur suggests ideas and ways to further the business or goal of the group, while the strategic planner takes that goal and sets a direction for the team by helping cope with the environment and policy. Finally, the executor puts these goals into action…

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