360° Leadership

The 360° Leader Summary
Opportunities to make a difference in an organization exist everywhere by leading up, down and across. Leading up can be challenging and involves embracing tasks that others might not want to embark upon and that might not fit in a job description. Consequently, achievements usually aren’t recognized when leading up, but can be beneficial in the future. Leading across is about the relationships that a leader has produced over time. Finding a common ground amongst leaders at the same level can result in some excellent opportunities for an organization. Building relationships with trust and credibility are crucial when leading down. Others won’t follow a leader that doesn’t do what they say they will do. Leading by example
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Leading from the middle involves leading up at times, by challenging issues and raising concerns while maintaining the belief in the decisions from those above. Understanding the vision of the leadership is important before interjecting other ideas. The ability to influence superiors is often challenging, therefore making the relationships with them critical and must include credibility and trust.
Influencing a leader may never be possible because of their leadership style, but supporting them and building a strong relationship, increases the chance of adding value to their decisions. “If you take the approach of wanting to add value to those above you, you have the best chance of influencing them.” (Maxwell, 2005, p. 81). Leaders above may allow for greater input from others if they trust their decisions and ideas. This trust is often obtained by continuously striving for excellence and standing out amongst everybody else.
Before someone can lead others and make a difference in an organization, they must lead themselves. Showing one 's emotions to others and knowing when to hold them back are something good leaders do well. Sometimes it 's good for a team to know how their leader is feeling by using the right words and
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Mid-level leaders have the opportunity to serve their superiors who carry the responsibility of the organization. Once a leader does their job well, they can begin to take some of the responsibilities of top the leaders. These individuals not only come to their leaders with an issue but also with a solution by preparing themselves when they are about to take the precious time of someone above them in the chain of command.
Aspiring leaders in the middle of an organization willingly accept tasks and assignments that others won 't. They are the ones that constantly step up and complete more than expected. These leaders are the ones that set the example by getting out there and doing the work with the followers. Not only those under them notice the tremendous effort, but their leaders notice as well. By continuously adding value at every opportunity they become a trusted person, and the leaders above them will regularly rely on their efforts.

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