Leadership Styles Of Steve Jobs Essay

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Steve Jobs is a 21st-century leader who had a great impact on Apple Inc. Steve Jobs was responsible for the establishment of Apple Inc. together his friend Steve Wozniak in his parents’ garage in 1976. By the time he died in 2011, he had put together the company to be the most valuable company in its time. He was responsible for the transformation of many industries including personal computing, digital publishing, phones, animated movies, retail stores, music and tablet computing. Steve Jobs are remembered in history for applying his imagination to technology and business. The aim of this paper is to discuss the leadership styles of Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs was a transformational leader as he focused on transforming other people by making them better than they were. He was dedicated to encouraging people to help each other and to look out for the company as a whole. When he came back to the organization in 1997, he changed the focus of the company from many computers to only four which had to be known well by customers through vigorous marketing campaigns. He was a leader who created valuable and positive change in his followers. He was a charismatic leader who is a gift that is found in a few people who enable one to have great power and a source to influence other people. H is an individual who was recognized as a strong, charismatic leader in the technology as well as the entertainment industry. He had the ability to captivate a large crowd of people with his…

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