Essay Leadership Styles Of Leadership Style

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To accomplish a common goal, leadership is necessary. According to Lamberton and Minor (2014), leadership is the ability to impact people to attain a goal. A leader, according to Gaiter (2013), sets direction and influences others to accomplish goals and directs cohesiveness. A leaders’ goal is not just the success of the team, but also the success of individuals on the team, a leader must motivate, inspire and empower others for success (Gaiter, 2013). To accomplish these goals a leader will utilize a leadership style.
There are four styles of leadership, the first is the autocratic leader. This leader makes all the decisions and the followers have no freedom to disagree. For example, musicians in an orchestra. Another leadership style is the consultative leader, this leader asks the input of the followers, but the final responsibility of the decision to be made is the leaders. This type of leader delegates authority, an example is the high-ranking military. A third style of leadership is the participative leader. This leader will share the power with the followers, but will step in and make the decisions when the followers do not. The concern of this leader is the organization and the groups’ morale. A company that utilizes teams or the team building concept may have a leader utilizing this type of leadership. The last type of leadership is the free-rein leader or the laissez-faire leader. This leader is often a representative of the group, they set the goals…

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