Leadership Styles (BUS660- Ashford University) Essay

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Leadership Style
BUS660: Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership
September 8, 2013
Ashford University

There are many definitions for the term leadership. This term have different meanings to each individual. Leadership is defined as a complex phenomenon involving the leader, the followers, and the situation (Hughes, Ginnett & Curphy, 2012). Leadership is a quality that one can gain through employment experience and/or through education and can also be gained through mentorship. There are many different leadership styles that a leader may fall under. Each type of leadership style has its own uniqueness that makes the leader fall under that particular
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There are many benefits to having a democratic leadership style. Team members tend to have high job satisfaction and are productive because they're more involved in decisions. Team members are often motivated from this type of leadership style. The downside of democratic leadership is that it can often hinder situations where speed or efficiency is essential. One’s leadership style can be developed through education or by work performance. A leader can develop their leadership
LEADERSHIP STYLE 5 skills from their leader. The individual that the leader was following can have a big influence as to how the current leader would lead their current staff and team members. They may learn good leadership skills or they may gain poor leadership skills. If one has obtained poor leadership skills, there are courses that the individual can take to improve their leadership skills. It is imperative to have a great leadership styles and skills because this can harm the company in the long run. This can lead to high employee turnover rates and the company failing due to one individual making a decision without gaining inputs from the staff and/or team members. Some of the smaller businesses have an autocratic leadership style and this causes the business to end up failing. One can also modify their leadership styles and skills by obtaining education within that field, whether

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