Leadership Styles And Theories Of Effective Leadership Essay

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While leadership is one of the most intuitive concepts in social science, it is one of the most widely defined and researched topics in the education field. There is no one comprehensive way to define effective leadership, as different people and groups need different leadership styles and situations to support their growth and success. Even when looking at individual leadership theory, some components of a theory are more pertinent or applicable than other depending on the situations people involved, and industry norms. I will work to address the prompt of
“How would you define effective leadership? How would you establish an effective leadership team for your organization and how would you utilize this team to bring about positive change in your organization?”

by referencing evidence-based leadership styles that have been proven to be best practices and apply the practices to situations where effective leadership can be identified.
In taking stock of the many leadership models and theories we have been exposed to in this course and throughout our doctoral study, I am most drawn to the Five Leadership Practices Model from Kouzes and Posner. Like any good theory, the Five Leadership Practices Model addresses specific actions and behaviors good leaders should emulate and provides a comprehensive characterization of practices necessary strong leadership in the most concise and clear way. For the purposes of this essay, I selected what I saw to be the most vital…

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