Leadership Styles And Motivation : Arturo Rodriguez Essay

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Leadership Styles and Motivation
Arturo Rodriguez
Park University

There are as many leadership styles as they are different leaders. However, leadership styles can be categorized under general headings. These headings are used to gauge leaders to determine how they make decisions, what they consider, and how they conduct their business as leaders. The type of leadership and personal motivation are two influences that affect individual performance. This paper will discuss the different leadership styles and how leaders motivate their staff and followers. Charismatic leadership

A charismatic leader has a very strong personality that is considered supernatural. Such a leader has great influence on his/her team. These leaders are very sensitive to their environment. They have followers not out of the power of authority, but rather based on their charm. They are risk takers, and this quality makes them venture into many businesses. They focus their attention on the moods of their followers and therefore are sensitive to their needs. These leaders aim to instill their values on their followers with the overall aim of making their individual groups different and distinct from all other groups. Charismatic leaders can use their charm to expand their businesses, raise team morale, and to thrust their followers into action.
Charismatic leaders do understand that their followers thrive best in an environment in which their individual efforts are…

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