Leadership Style Essay

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The Leadership Style of Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer-Head Coach Ohio State Football
Urban Meyer is the head coach for The Ohio State Buckeyes football team. He is 49 years old and was born in Toledo Ohio. He attended University of Cincinnati where he played football. Coach Meyer is married and has three children. Prior to coaching Ohio State he retired from coaching was working as a sports analyst for ESPN. Before retiring and working for ESPN, Coach Meyer was the head coach for the University of Florida. He led the Gators to two BCS championship wins and he held the highest percentages of wins for any active college football coach. (www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com).
Tubbs, (2012) defines leadership as, “influencing others to accomplish
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The first is reward power. In his position, he has the ability to reward his players and coaches. He uses his championship circle to reward his players. He also has expert power because of his knowledge, experience and expertise in the world of college football. He has earned this power because of coaching record and creditability, (Tubbs, 2012, p. 229). His players and coaches want his respect and admiration. They want to do a good job for him and earn his approval so this gives him referent power.
Coach Meyers has not let all of this power, status go to his head, and he stays grounded by following his Christian worldviews. In a recent interview on ESPN’s GameDay this is what Coach Meyer has had to say about his leadership style, “Don’t Settle For Average, Push Yourself And Others, Have A Higher Purpose, Keep Proving Something, Set Lofty Goals, Develop Others And Make Them Successful, Handle Criticism, Understand Jealousy, Toughness, Purpose, Caring, and Celebrate. If you practice these 13 things, you too may be a highly successful leader,” (www.briandoddonleadership.com).

Tubbs, S. L. (2012). A Systems Approach to Small Group Interaction. (11th ed.) New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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