Leadership Style Of Leadership Styles Essay

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Leadership styles is the different ways in which a leader may operate. (Johnson & Johnson, 2013, page 550). A single style of leadership cannot fit all people or personalities. Any great leader would learn to make adaptions to their style of leadership and strategies in order to meet the needs of different complex situations. A leadership style refers to a leader’s characteristic behaviors when motivation, directing, guiding and managing groups of people. Researchers have described many different types of leadership styles. The following are just a few prominent leadership frameworks and styles that have been identified; the styles of charismatic, transformational, and transactional. (The Changing Face of Leadership, 2010). Charismatic leadership style are leaders who are known to use their charisma and magnetic personalities in order to captivate their followers. It is a leadership that is demonstrated through a leader’s ability to communicate and behave in ways that reach followers in order to inspire and motivate. They are normally great orators and have the ability to draw upon shared imagery in order to generate a feeling of common purpose among their followers. They have the appealing talent to communicate difficult ideas in a way that is easy for the listener to follow rather than sounding political. Their speeches generate a magnificent reaction from their listeners because they have the art of effective and persuasive speaking. Many of history’s most effective…

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