Leadership Style For Their Business Essay

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Every organization in any country should recognize the best leadership style for their business. Leadership style is a key element to the success of an organization. Different European countries follow the best leadership style that suits their needs. At the moment, there are three types of leadership styles that are considered classic by leaders in their work environment.
1. Laissez-Faire Leadership: In this type of leadership, group members are allowed to make the decisions. This type requires efficient and well-trained directors that can work as intermediaries between leaders and their employees.
2. Autocratic Leadership: Autocratic Leadership is one which is used due to its historic presence and is well-known among most employees to work better without the overpowering presence of their boss.
3. Participative Leadership: In this type of leadership, managers allow people to think creatively and work independently.
4. Situational Leadership: With Situational Leadership, leaders make their decisions based on situations for fulfilling tasks of an organization. The decisions of leaders will depend on the nature of the project, choosing employees based on the requirement of the project.
5. Strategic Leadership: This leadership style is adopted by many large organizations to make better strategies and plans in competition with other organizations.
6. Transactional Leadership: In this style, people work as per the current methods adopted by an organization and go on continuing…

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