Leadership Management of the Virgin Group Essay

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Edexcel Level 7

Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership


Malini Ramakrishna

ETOLA 20394


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First and foremost I wish to reiterate my thanks to Raheem Shabi, senior lecturer in Ethames Graduate School for his guidance and advices throughout the assignment.
All my friends who have helped me a lot in this endeavour are gratefully and lovingly remembered.
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Contingency Theories –Flexible leadership ,where different leadership methods are handled in different situation..

6. Situational Leadership-The theory suggests the key contingency factor affecting leaders' choice of leadership style is the task-related maturity of the subordinates. Classifies leader behaviours into the two broad classes of task-oriented and relationship-oriented behaviours.

Considering the leadership theory Virgin Atlantic has got a charismatic leader with transformational leadership .The correct link between leadership style works well on the strategy of the organisation to lead it towards the path of success.

Task 1.2

Different management and leadership styles have different impacts on Virgin Atlantic’s strategic decisions; which can be related to the vision of Virgin Atlantic “to grow a profitable airline where people love to fly, and where people love to work” (virgin-Atlantic, 2011).

If it is an autocratic style definitely the company would have not achieved what is has achieved now. Because it is a very strict management with the rules, there is no any friendly environment to exchange ideas, no motivation to make the employees to think that it is their organisation, they just work since the work is given. The autocratic leader rarely listens to others ideas, giving no room for discussion. It is obvious that rarely any innovative idea emerges if there is no room for discussion. But it is said that Virgin

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