Essay on Leadership, Management, And Management

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According to Johnson (2016) leadership and management can have the same qualities, but that 's not always the case. Johnson (2016) notes that leadership is about standing out, while management is largely bureaucratic in nature. These need not be mutually exclusive. Some theories of leadership, however, make it plain that leadership is not management, and a manager is not a leader but merely a position of bureaucratic authority.
There is a wide and ever growing variety of theories that explains the concept and practice of leadership, though most theories view leadership as grounded in one or more of the following three perspectives: leadership as a process or relationship, leadership as a combination of traits or personality characteristics, or leadership as certain behaviors or, as they are more commonly referred to, leadership skills (Wolinski, 2010). Hospitality leaders at Hilton Worldwide empower themselves and others to help achieve the organizational goals. Leaders at all levels from supervisors to senior directors are in key positions to participate in decision-making that affect guest and staff. Effective managers use leadership theory and principles to guide their actions.

Contingency theory
Henman (2016) states that the situational theories or contingency theories began in the 1960 's and the basis of these theories is that individuals ' characteristics make them suitable for leaders only in certain situations. Wolinski (2016) added that the contingency theory…

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