Essay about Leadership, Management And Management

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Every organization’s growth is achieved through effective leadership and management. Over the years, there have been a number of research and studies conducted on leadership practices and management goals in various fields and a lot of theories facilitate in understanding the factors that constitute towards building leadership skills. Examining leadership and management in healthcare services, it is observed that both management and leadership are integral in delivering good health services to patients as well as building competencies in employees to work to their best of abilities in jointly working towards organizational goals. In both ways, good managers should work hard to be better leaders and in order to be better leaders, it is significant to acquire management skills (DeLuca&Soucat, 2013). Many a times, leadership is chiefly associated with building a vision and working towards the vision. For example, this could simply be a vision such as fostering better health care practices with state-of-art technology and addressing health care needs. However, leadership is not only about directing the vision of the future, but leadership exhibits critical roles such as being a compelling leader who creates pathways to huge followership, influencing or driving people to come together and work for a uniform cause, motivate and shepherd employees to reach towards organizational goals, factorize problems, and negotiate with resources to work for the betterment of the people, and…

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