Essay on Leadership Lessons From Small Business Expert

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Event organizers can take a few leadership lessons from small business expert Andrew Soave when it comes to learning how to guide and lead people.

Soave is known for his business and entrepreneurship sessions conducted at McMaster University and DECA Inc as well as various organizations. His practical leadership experience with small businesses and being a specialist in strategic management with a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt makes him more than just a business expert. He knows what it takes to be an effective leader in the world of business.

He recently shared some of his thoughts on leadership lessons that can aid event organizers in developing their skills.

Qualities of a Strong Leader

Soave shared four qualities he feels a strong and effective leader must possess.

These include:

Resilient and Adaptable: Handles change and uncertainty with confidence and openness; seeks new challenges to develop; gives, receives, and acts on feedback.
Engages and Inspires Others: Trusts other people 's competence; creates energy, excitement, and inspiration; recognizes great performance.
Strategizes: Thinks critically about long-term challenges; understands implications of decisions; translates ideas into practice; leverages the strengths of others.
Manages Execution: Organizes and coordinates resources, time, and people to achieve key goals; prioritizes goals effectively.
Various Leadership Lessons

# 1 A Good Leader Empowers Others

Many people fail at being a leader simply…

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