Leadership : Leadership And Power Distance Essay

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Leadership & Power-Distance
Leadership and power distance can go a long way into how satisfied someone is with their job. Let’s face it, if we don’t like the management and the people that are leading the “ship” of the organization that you work for than you more than likely going to be less satisfied then others. Statistics show that leadership behaviors play a role in how your job satisfaction will be like. A study done by Pub Med. Com shows that 29% of job satisfaction comes from leadership behaviors. They also go onto say that organizational commitment is at 22% and that 9% of productivity is all from how the leader of your group or organization runs the workplace. When you first look at those numbers you might not think that leadership is a factor but if you look at it closer and see that almost 30% of people’s job satisfaction depends on how they are lead in the workplace then that can be huge to a company. Let’s look at that in a larger scale. The population of the United States of America is 318.9 million people and 30% of that is 95.67 million. That means that close to 96 million workers job satisfaction depends on leadership. Let’s take those same statistics and look at it from a Canadian way and bring it a little closer to home. The population of Canada is 35,675,834 people . That means that 10,702,750 people say that leadership affects their job satisfaction. This also means that 7,848,683 people say that their commitment to the organization depends on how…

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