Leadership Is The Way People Inspire Others From A Weekend Camping Trip

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Leadership is the way people inspire others to follow or do better. Leadership will inspire those with direction to greater activity or better / clearer focus, and those without direction or purpose to follow. Management, a part of leadership, is taking those with no direction and giving them direction towards a greater or collective goal in lieu of a personal goal. When combined in an individual or leading group, the effect of leadership over anarchy is compelling. For the sake of this discussion and to clarify semantics, leadership is referred to as the combination of these 2 attributes. Understanding the four different personality types, can further assist in understanding how leaders interact with others.
Without leadership everything from a weekend camping trip through to Governments would fail to function. Leadership gives direction and clarity. Leadership takes the elephant and divides it into bite sized chunks. Leadership provides the dream that inspires the engine. Leaders give those without direction a specific task to keep them focused, and refocus those who are on the wrong track. It comes in several major forms, from autocratic to laissez-faire, and much like the different types of people, there are different mindsets, as well as points in-between each. Fig 1
People usually have a dominant personality trait or style, and each tend to respond to leadership in different ways. These are the socialiser, the relater, the thinker, and the director (fig 1).…

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