Essay on Leadership Is A Good Leader

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The above statement breaks down to this, a good leader trains. Training your subordinates is what will make them good leaders as well. If you have a bad or mediocre leader, your subordinates will act the same. Thus starting a chain reaction in a unit that can cause a plethora of issues. The lack of a good leader causes the subordinates to loose motivation, loose their trust in the organization, which in itself causes a drop in dedication to the unit, and a drop in the overall morale. There also is being friends with some of your subordinates, which is probably one of the hardest, yet at the same time, easiest issues to deal with. The last yet what I consider the most important problem a leader faces is in communication with subordinates.
MOTIVATION: in my opinion, a leader should be a master at motivation his or her subordinates. Without proper motivation, your unit can not operate effectively and efficiently while producing quality servicemen. Let’s face it, the better you are, the higher the motivation is for the subordinates. Even some of the easiest tasks can be completed incorrectly if done by Soldiers who are not motivated. What causes a lack of motivation amongst Soldiers? A leader showing signs of being worried. Examples are: maybe a leader is worried about PCS’ing (permanent change of station), worried about making a deadline of some sort, or even concerns about not completing a particular mission or task. All are the things Soldiers will notice and…

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