Leadership Is A Desired Talent Essay

1357 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
Considering the number of organizations created, traded, and dissolved, there is something to be said about leadership. Even though a vision is present at the onset of the creation of an organization, something else is needed to succeed. Imagined results do not mysteriously appear without hard work, determination, and a key element. Illusive to a small number, impossible to purchase at the local store, and arguably learned by those who feel the need to be stand out; leadership is a desired talent. Without this key element, organizations will bow to the competitor, crumble to chaos, or cease to exist altogether. Many organizations have recruited leaders to bring about change to the direction and vision. Other organizations have promoted from within to maximize inner strength. No matter how leadership is achieved, the potential and end results benefit everyone. However, not all leadership is dynamically fruitful. Leadership has many differing theories involving traits, characteristics, and qualities that may be adapted or replicated. Unfortunately, insincere or a singularly adapted, they will not guarantee an organization will profit or succeed (Van Eeden, Cilliers, & Van Deventer, 2008). The focus of leadership should be on the amalgamation of team and organizational strategic development accompanied by a calculated directional visions (Leadership Styles, 2015). Direction, motivaiton of followers, and the selection of a personal approach to leadership may be…

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